[linux-audio-user] jack transport slider

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Wed Jan 31 15:46:49 EST 2007

Here's some glade-gtk application to implement a slider for jack
transport:  http://gjacktransport.sf.net/

to sum it up:

* slider to control jack-transport
* set slider start and end points in various units
* memory: remember slider start/end points
* auto-zoom and reposition slider
* LASH support

there are some open-loops:
- missing/faulty drop-frame TC for videoframe units.
- insane but intuitive zoom behaviour
- no config-file, simple CLA parser,.. see TODO file
none of which bugs me at the moment.

It works fine on debian boxes.  I'll wrap it up for a binary release and
LAA. - feedback welcome.


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