[linux-audio-user] Any way to bring RTSynth back from the orphanage?

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Fri Mar 2 04:23:18 EST 2007


On Friday 02 March 2007 10:11, Ken Restivo wrote:
> I played with RTSynth a bit, it generates some cool sounds.
> But, it looks completely orphaned! The distribution I got was binary-only,
> no source code. Really weird, never seen that  before in a Linux project.

I don't know the reasons but RTSynth has always been closed source. It's odd 
for Linux and a potential problem if the sources and or Stefan ever gets 
lost. But I for one respect his decision, it's jack and alsa compatible and 
can be used by anyone.

> I emailed the author, to find out where the source distribution is, and his
> email bounced as undeliverable. The website hasn't been updated since 2003.
> Anyway, what's up? Anyone have a source tarball of the source for the
> latest version of it (with JACK/ALSA support)?

There was actually an update in december (announced here), so it's actually 

I think there's a new homepage.

I tried it at the time and it works, there's some wonderfully wierd sounds 
hiding in there :-).


> -ken

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