[linux-audio-user] Logo for the Linux Sound & MIDI Software Wiki

Nick Copeland nickycopeland at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 6 19:24:12 EST 2007

>you get my drift about it looking generic, right?

I more than second that opinion. Music is about movement, sound, energy, 
dance, poetry, romance, sex and rock and roll. I don't feel that a blue box 
with the text apps really reflects any of that, and if the association that 
you want to make about what linux brings to music then perhaps this does not 
quite hit the mark. The graphics are good, they are actually 'today', but I 
don't think they are representative.

If linux really wants to bring anything to the music scene it really does 
not want to associate itself with anything quite so, well, boring. It looks 
just a little bit too much 'microsoft office'. Anyway, this is only a logo 
for one site, no? If people thinks is looks dull (apps?) then they can 
always look for another site.....


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