[linux-audio-user] Re: Re: Legalities

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Mon Mar 12 10:59:39 EDT 2007

"Lee Revell":
>> Bob van der Poel:
>>> Anyone know much about the legalities of posting music recorded by
>>> oneself, but written by someone else? I put up a few recordings on my
>>> web site, mostly as a demo of MMA ... but I got to wondering the other
>>> day if some nice lawyer is going to be knocking on my door? I'm not too
>>> worried since I do live in Canada, and the server is <somewhere in
>>> Europe>. But, still ... one has to wonder.
>> I don't know the laws, but I would be extremely surprised if this is
>> illegal in Europe.
> Why?

Because its unreasonable.

> This is how copyright law has always worked.

Not really.

>  You write a song,
> you get to charge people royalties to perform it.

Yes, in certain cases, like arranging concerts or playing music in a bar, 
if you use someone music whos copyrights are handled by organisations 
that handles such, you may be required to obey rules set up by those 
organisations. This is how it works in norway, but similar systems 
probably exists in other countries.

But this situations is different, this is a guy doing his own 
interpretations of other peoples music, and gives it away for free. He is 
a private person doing non-commersial activity, and he is not breaking any 
copyrights. As I said, I don't know, but it sounds so very very wrong if 
this is illegal. And in the unlikely event that it actually is illegal in 
the country where the server is placed (the netherlands?), this is a 
good opportunity to perform some civil disobedience. If a law is wrong, 
its supposed to be broken.

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