[linux-audio-user] To MacBook or not to MacBook, that's the question

Pieter Palmers pieterp at joow.be
Fri Mar 16 05:48:41 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm considering to buy a new laptop, and a message some time ago on the 
list regarding a comparison between Dell and MacBook made me reconsider 
my stance towards MacBook. The difference between the price for 
comparable systems is indeed not that big, especially not since they 
offer a 20% reduction if you become 'student developer'. On top of that, 
getting OSX attracts me more than getting Vista ;).

So now I am considering getting one of these top-notch macbook pro's, 
but I'd like to inform myself beforehand.
My basic requirement list:
* runs linux with all hardware supported
* ruggedness (I carry it around everywhere)
* support quality (Apple's guarantee doesn't seem as good as the one 
from Dell)

Specific questions:
* what kind of problems will I see when I want to install Fedora on it?
* are all interrupts routed to the same line (as in the mini's)? I don't 
want IRQ sharing between the SATA controller and the audio card/firewire 
controller, ...
* how about the ATI x1600 graphics card?

Are there any MacBook pro owners on the list that care to answer my 
questions and/or give a general feedback (feedforward?) on the MacBook?



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