Re: [linux-audio-user] ¿La revolución informática realmente revolucionará la música? Linux Audio Conference 2007

Tim Howard tdhoward at
Fri Mar 30 21:09:52 EDT 2007

> > Again - to me - the exagerated hope in the noise, the somewhat
> > ridiculous optimism in the creativity of machines, who hides, I think, a
> > stetical and compositive bankrupcy in certain schools, certain
> > academies, certain ideologies that pretend that the only thing important
> > in artistic matters is to innovate, when perhaps the really important
> > stuff would be 1st express what one wants to say, 2nd have a good time.
> > ...
> > ...
> > > En una sociedad industrializada en la que la creatividad fue pasando desde los
> > > hombres y mujeres hacia las máquinas, no está nada mal tener un control
> > > potencialmente total sobre las mismas utilizando Software Libre, pero de
> > > algún modo es un poco hacerle el juego al sistema de producción industrial
> > > alienante dejar en manos de las máquinas casi toda la creatividad artística.
> >
> > In an industrialized society in which creativity has been transfering
> > from men and women to machines, it is not a bad idea to have potentially
> > complete control over them using Free Software, but it is in some way
> > also to play the game of the alienating industrial production system
> > that leaves in the hands of machines most of the artistic creativity.
> You seem to think artists are actually delegating creativity to machines.
> How so? Could you give some examples? Perhaps there are composers out
> there that rely on the "creativity of machines", but I presume there are
> actually not that many. At least in my music I don't rely on something
> that I think does not exist :-) I do use (sometimes) algorithms to generate
> statistical stuff where merely aggregating notes by hand would not make sense
> and stuff like that. Hardly delegating "creativity".

That reminds me of a music appreciation class I took in college...
The instructor was trying to define music, and ended up in the
circular logic loop of: "Music is what differentiates humans from
animals.  Therefore, in order for something to be music, it has to be
of human origin..."

Trying to define music or quantify creativity is like measuring
beauty.  Everyone has a different standard.  <fakerant>AND BY THE WAY,


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