[linux-graphics-dev] Kino 0.7.0 released

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Mon Dec 15 18:24:11 EST 2003

You can download from SourceForge at http://sf.net/projects/kino/

V 0.7.0 Release Notes

This is a major new release containing mainly a port to GTK2-based
libglade. There are still some GNOME dependencies although tight
integration with GNOME is not a goal, and we are striving to remove
GNOME dependencies as GTK expands. (Except we reserve the privelege to
use the libgnomecanvas in the future for a multi-track timeline.)

We prepared all GUI-oriented strings in the code as well as libglade for
non-English translations. We invite volunteers to prepare translations.

Perhaps the biggest change is the Storyboard view--called "scene list"
in previous versions of the online help. This version can display
additional metadata and sits within an adjustable (paned) frame. The
information display and command entry, etc., at the bottom of the window
is more simple and concise now. There is a pulldown to select the format
of time information used throughout. Overall, there are numerous GUI
changes to make it tighter. In particular, tabs are consistently on the
right side now, the timeline is faster and displays time, and window
state is retained across sessions.

An interesting new feature is Export/DV Pipe extensible through shell
scripts. Basically, it makes Kino pipe raw DV to the script. This is
very handy to use with tools like smilutils and ffmpeg. Some example
scripts are included, and scripts are installed at

Regarding plugins, existing plugins are not compatible and must be
ported to GTK2 as well. Currently, kinoplus and dvtitler have been
ported and will be released very soon.


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