[linux-graphics-dev] Introducing MLT

Steve Baker sjbaker1 at airmail.net
Sun Apr 4 10:39:14 EDT 2004

Charles Yates wrote:

> I hope no one minds that I cross post the following mail, originally
> addressed to the KDE multimedia mailing list. I feel it may have a wider
> interest and this would be the right forum to introduce it. 

Yeah - I'm sure nobody minds - it's a fascinating project.

I bet you could get slashdot to run a story on this.

> The MLT project was commissioned by the largest satellite TV broadcaster
> in India and was spec'd to provide real time fx processing and
> broadcasting capabilities for use in their news programming. It has been
> developed by myself and Dan Dennedy over the past few months.

The whole 'offshore outsourcing' thing is very hot right now - and a heartwarming
story of India donating large chunks of interesting software under GPL would
make a great counter-balance.

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