[linux-graphics-dev] FYI: CinePaint call for volunteers

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Thu Oct 6 11:22:40 EDT 2005

[ Forwarded from the cinepaint lists. Posted by Robin Rowe. ]


CinePaint is a open source deep paint project that the film industry based 
on GIMP at first. CinePaint is used on feature films such as HARRY POTTER 
and THE LAST SAMURAI for dust-busting, retouching, etc. We're replacing our 
legacy GTK1-based code with a new architecture called Glasgow that uses 
FLTK. Scheduled for release the end of this year, CinePaint Glasgow a suite 
of image processing tools for filmmakers and photographers.

Looking for C++ developers and other capable volunteers interested in the 
motion picture industry who'd like to join the team of a fun open source 

Useful Interests:

User Interface :: Toolkits/Libraries :: FLTK
Database Environment :: Network-based DBMS :: SQLite
Programming Language :: C++
Topic :: Multimedia :: Graphics :: Capture :: Digital Camera
Topic :: Multimedia :: Graphics :: Capture :: Scanners
Topic :: Multimedia :: Graphics :: Capture :: Screen Capture
Topic :: Multimedia :: Graphics :: Editors :: Raster-Based
Topic :: Multimedia :: Graphics :: Editors :: Vector-Based
Topic :: Multimedia :: Graphics :: Graphics Conversion
Topic :: Multimedia :: Sound/Audio :: Editors
Topic :: Multimedia :: Video :: Display
Topic :: Multimedia :: Video :: Non-Linear Editor
Topic :: Scientific/Engineering :: Astronomy
Topic :: Scientific/Engineering :: Medical Science Apps.

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