midi & 56002EVM

Jarno Seppänen jams at cs.tut.fi
Mon Jun 2 13:51:00 EDT 1997

douglas irving repetto <glmrboy at shoko.calarts.edu> writes:

> yeehaw!
> i whipped up a little midi interface for my 56002EVM tonight (and last
> night, and the night before . . .), and after a bunch of
> tweaking/rebuilding, it works!  i'm using it with a peavey PC1600 midi
> fader box - now the sinewaves go gliding around like little bunnies on a
> frozen pond.

Hey! Now I have just gotten my 56002EVM to work and have been planning to have
a MIDI interface in it someday. To me it seems that the secondary RS232
connection is almost dedicated to such use. Since you have built a MIDI
interface to the EVM, I'd *LOVE* to see the specs and all the stuff--would you
be kind enough to mail all the technical info to me or have it on a web page
or an ftp server? Please please please :)


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