Sound processing algorithms

Duane K. Wise dwise at
Mon Nov 3 23:29:25 EST 1997

Thomas M. Farrelly <s720 at> wrote:

> ... But I haven't got the algoritms at hand or mind.
> So I would be very happy for any references or information
> regarding such algoritms.

> I'm also interested a FFT algorithm and effects in
> frequency space, and digital tone generation techniques.

Jon Dattorro has just published part 1 of a 3-part series on effect  
algorithms in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.  Highly  

Harmony Central has tons of effect related links.  URL:, look for items related to musical  

Sophocles Ofrandis has an Intro to Signal Processing textbook  
(Prentice Hall) where he covers several audio effects.  Most of the  
textbook has a good audio slant.

The above textbook probably covers the FFT too.  If not, Rabiner  
and Gold, Theory and Application of D.S.P. (Prentice Hall), cover it  
well, and there should be several FFT sources out there in the  
public domain.

As for tone generation, look for F. Richard Moore, Elements of  
Computer Music. (Prentice Hall) or the Synthesis chapters of Curtis  
Roads, Ed., The Computer Music Tutorial (MIT Press).

Happy hunting, Duane Wise (dwise at

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