Multimedia API in Windows

Vesa Erla Vesa.Erla at
Thu Aug 13 08:01:15 EDT 1998

Hi Paul,

Microsoft has just released the new DirectX6 SDK, which contains the DirectSound API.
You can download the SDK for free from
(Some +90megs to download!).
Sample apps are included (including wave-file processing).
DirectSound is a true 32-bit API (with audio cards that have 32-bit DirectX drivers). 
It gives you very low latency playback (almost realtime) and is easy to program with.
If you're new to Windows multimedia then DirectX is the way to go,
I'd forget about the old WaveOut and MCI-stuff (DirectX works with older cards too).
You can use Borland compilers (CBuilder3 and BC5) without pain: 
there's Borland specific object libraries that Microsoft included in the SDK.
Microsoft Press just released a new book, Inside DirectX or something.
And there are a couple DirectX-programming newsgroups at MS-site.
Hope this helps,
Vesa Erla

>Dear fellow Music DSP-ers,
>For a long time I have thought about getting to grips with the multimedia 
>interface in Windows and I have dabbled as far as the high level functions like 
>sndPlaySound().  Now I *need* to understand it at a much lower level in order 
>to do some real-time DSP.
>Can anyone point me in the direction of some good information sources regarding 
>the Media Control Interface (MCI) in Windows.  I am looking for a book that 
>gives step by step tuition, like the "Teach yourself XXXX in 21 days" series, 
>or some worked examples/sample code.  I have looked through the Borland C++ 
>help file which lists all the commands, but I need to get to grips with putting 
>these commands in context and knowing how they fit together.
>Specifically, the tasks I want to do are:
>1. Load a WAV file, block by block into memory without having to personally 
>decode the RIFF header.
>(If a function exists that can auto-decode from A-law, ADPCM, etc. into PCM, 
>all the better.)
>2. Stream audio out block by block (MCIwaveOut???).
>As you can no doubt tell, I want to place some real-time DSP on audio in 
>between its being read from file and its being outputted to the soundcard.
>Similar requests for info on newsgroups for BorlandC++ have gone unanswered.  I 
>hope some of you will be able to give me some pointers.
>Many thanks,

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