MD DirectSound & Windows MM API

Ian Stevenson ian at
Fri Aug 14 07:15:16 EDT 1998

Dear music-dsp folk

>>I think (???) Ross Bencina, a contributor to this list, may have used
>>this method (DirectSound) in AudioMulch as this program seems to have
>>performance to my experiments. Any comments Ross?

Thanks for the informative reply Ross. Sorry I got it wrong about your
For others interested in the various threads on this topic.

DirectSound does not use normal double buffering but allows you to briefly
lock the secondary buffer while reading (CaptureBuffer) or writing the
available data. Thus the actual buffer size returned from the Lock function
may vary. For output this works spectacularly well.

I note from Jim Clark's post that the problem with DSCapture latency
(~200mS) is a problem for others as well. I'd like to hear whether this is
better in DS 6.0 as well.???

Eli Brandt mentioned WDM (Windows Driver Model???) streaming. Does this
include a new API for sound I/O or is it a spec for card designers. (ie:
should I spend the time to go through more MS documentation?) Have you had
direct experience with this Eli? Any info appreciated!

Ian Stevenson
London, UK
ian at

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