More DirectSound Questions

James Joseph Clark clark at Athena.McRCIM.McGill.EDU
Tue Aug 18 09:35:34 EDT 1998

Yes, I know what the error means, I just don't know why I am
getting it. Having the "priority level" in use by another user doesn't
make any sense, since I can create buffers at 22KHz sample rate.
The "Normal" priority restricts the device to 22KHz, Mono, 8 bits, but
I set the cooperative level to WRITEPRIMARY. In any event, Iam able to set
the capture buffer to 22KHz, 16 bits, stereo, which isn't allowed by
the Normal cooperative level, so that can't be the problem.
I figure that something is perhaps grabbing those formats and not
releasing them, but I can't imagine what. Oh well, I will scratch my head
some more.

clark at

>>Hi, I have encountered a problem in trying to use
>>DirectSoundCapture. Basically I can only create a CaptureBuffer
>>for the 22.05KHz formats. Any other format gives me a
>>"DSERR_ALLOCATED" error when I try to create the capture buffer.
>from the DXSDK:
>The request failed because resources, such as a priority level, were already
>in use by another caller.
>>I figure it has something to do with my sound card (SB-64AWE) but am
>>not sure. I have had no problem in doing full-duplex using the regular
>>Windows multimedia API.
>I have had success with the SB-64AWE in my machine.
>Hope this helps,

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