Gene Schwartz implode at well.com
Fri Dec 11 23:09:20 EST 1998

Hans Mikelson wrote:
>Although I have only been lurking on this list I will state that antiorp has
>existed somewhat peacefully on the Csound list for a long time neither
>trolling or flaming excessively.  antiorp seems to use the character
>remapping scheme as a form of artistic expression.  antiorp's music and web
>sites are very innovative and have apparently won some awards.  Most
>comments by antiorp that I have seen have been on topic, although antiorp
>does appear to have strong political opinions.

why 'although' ?

> antiorp has extensive
>knowlege of Macintosh audio software as well as others.

"I began to add a few things up and realized there was no way I could come
from a little town in Iowa, be eating 2,000 people a year, and nobody said
anything about it"

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