study choise, please help...

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If you have a head for the mathematics of DSP, focus on that; it applies to
both the hardware and the software. Linear algebra, signal transforms,
adaptive filters, multiresolution analysis, wavelets. If you don't have a
head for mathematics, focus on the software unless you have an incorrigible
love for hardware. You change software to make it do what you want in 1/4 to
1/10 the time it takes for hardware.

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Date: Thursday, December 17, 1998 4:25 AM
Subject: study choise, please help...

>I don't realy know how to ask this, but here I go...
>I'm an civil engeneering student. Next year I have to choose a direction
>for further studies. As I am on this list, you might figure that I like
>AudioDSP a lot.
>The problem is...what to choose:
>OR Software Engeneering.
>OR Electronic Engeneering.
>I want to be able to get into Audio DSP related companies.
>What should I go for? The current trend in Audio DSP seems to be: take a
>GENERAL, 'HEAVY' DSP chip (like for instance the Scope system), and
>program it to do the stuff you want. This as opposed to CREATE a chip that
>does what you want.
>As in the future general DSP chips will most likely become yet faster and
>faster, I would tend to go for Software Engeneering.
>But, creating the dedicated chips themselves seems to be nice too.
>ANY advice would be nice to solve a bit of my dillema.
>Bram de Jong

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