[ANN] allPossibleImages released (re: grey code)

douglas irving repetto glmrboy
Sun Feb 1 14:02:16 EST 1998

sorry this is pretty off topic.

allPossibleImages uses the code we've been talking about in re: grey code.
i thought some of you might be interested in seeing the finished piece.

happy february!



hi!  i've just released a new piece for the BeOS:

File: allPI.zip
Author: douglas irving repetto
Release: 1.0 1.feb.98
Compatibility: PR2
Location: contrib/misc
Description: allPossibleImages - an installation for the BeOS
Notes: allPossibleImages is the second in a series of pieces i am making
that run under the BeOS.  the first in the series was SineClock.

allPossibleImages presents an 8x8 grid of small blue lights (LED's).
working at a rate of about 10 per second, it is steadily cycling through
all the images that
can possibly be displayed on such a grid.  the number of possible images is
immense, and it
will take far longer than the life of our solar system to complete the
cycle.  pull up a
comfortable chair!

available soon (?) from beware: ftp://ftp.be.com/pub/contrib/misc/allPI.zip
available now from: http://dappu.calarts.edu/~glmrboy/allPI.zip

see:  http://dappu.calarts.edu/~glmrboy/api.readme.html  for more information.



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