glitch with dsound+gfx

Douglas Wright dug at
Tue Nov 3 15:56:26 EST 1998

I have heard of problems with Matrox drivers hogging the bus on 
Windows.  I have no direct experience with it though.


>I noticed a disturbing glitch in my DirectSound output when I 
>graphically with my Java programs.  I made my buffers really huge, and
>reduced the Java program down to just drawing big rectangles but still
>got glitches. It appears that a burst of graphics activity is
>interfering with the actual DirectSound playback, not my synthesis 
>Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Could a DMA or IRQ conflict 
>java = JDK1.1.6 and JView (recent)
>dsound.dll = V4.05.00.0155
>gfx = Matrox Mystique 
>CPU = 233 Mhz MMX
>OS = Win95 B
>Phil Burk
>mailto:philburk at

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