concept: generic dsp plugin format

Ross Bencina rossb at
Sat Nov 14 09:36:35 EST 1998

James McCartney wrote:

>At 3:32 AM -0600 11/13/98, Ross Bencina wrote:
>>- It would make available a large set of compiled building blocks that
>>be used to create "higher level" synthesis systems than are currently
>  Just what do you mean by '"higher level" synthesis systems than are
>currently available?'
>  Perhaps you are not familiar with what is currently possible with

I'm talking more about a higher level composition environment, not synthesis
language. I'm thinking more along the lines of a synthesis engine as
powerful as supercollider's with one or more of:

1. embedded in a multimedia environment (like director 7.0 for example).
2. an openGL 3d graphics front end
3. with an intuitive UI beyond knobs and sliders

Compositional and performance interfaces to synthesis systems are often
highly personal, - the interface is the substrate that communicates the
music between humans and computers. Code based interfaces are great for
representing signal processing algorithms, but for some people (including
audience members) "high level" graphical representations can be musically
useful. However,  I know supercollider has graphics primitives :)

>A number of the requirements above exceed all current specs for plug ins.
>I would be interested in seeing a plug in spec, but unless my more strict
>requirements were addressed, I would not be able to use it.

OK, lets see how we go.

As an aside:
I'm curious as to how you are achieving sample accurate scheduling... are
you using vectorised computations? Do you compile your patches into machine
code before they execute? Has anything been published about the
SuperCollider architecture?

Ross B.

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