MIDI on a ethernet?

Kim Flint kflint at annihilist.com
Mon Nov 23 14:27:33 EST 1998

In attempting this, you should be aware that ethernet is a
non-deterministic network architecture. (the collision detect arbitration
makes it impossible to predict latency...)  This means you will likely have
problems with timing accuracy in your midi commands. Using 100base-T would
help, as would insuring there is no other traffic on the network. This is
why ethernet has regulary not been selected by various standards
organizations for audio/music network applications.


>This is certainly off-topic, and I should apologize for that, but some of=
> you
>might well help me.
>I promise you not to send another MIDI related topic to the list ;-)
>I wonder if anyone knows of a working software to communicate several MID=
>applications in a local network. Better if it can handle both MacPPC=B4s =
>Windows-based PC=B4s.
>Maybe this is sci-fi yet, but I heard it was possible and several attemps=
> had
>already been made.
>Otherwise, where can I ask for this info (I mean, another newsgroup or
>Thancks in advance!
>Josep M Comajuncosas

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