Nick Melnick/Minneapolis/US/DGII is out of the office.

Chuck Caplan caplan8293 at
Mon Oct 5 17:13:15 EDT 1998

uh oh... i hope we dont recieve a copy of this every time a message is
sent.  someone may want to remove him temporarily...  and yes, i am aware
of the irony in responding to a repeated message when i know it will be
repeated, so you dont need to point that out... :)

Nick_Melnick at wrote:

> I will be out of the office from 10/05/98 until 10/12/98.
> I will respond to your message when I return.
> If you require an immediate response, please contact Cynthia Pleach at
> cynthia_pleach at or 612 912 3206.

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