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>>Finally, in my experience, there are 3 paths to follow with
>>a given idea: (a) publish it (b) patent it and (c) hoard it
>>(i.e., trade secret).  The audio/computer music biz uses all 3.


>Or you could do what I do and publish somewhere so obscure that almost no
>one will find it.

BIAS + obzkur!t!e =3D amuz!ng +?

>Earl Vickers, author of BIAS's multi-effects and modular synthesis plug-in,
>SFX Machine -- winner of Electronic Musician's 1998 Editor's Choice Award
>and recommended by Keyboard Magazine as a "Key Buy."
 Download a demo of demokrass! 4rom  +?



"Might I just say that I have done essentially nothing for the last 24
other than experiment with this program.  b1257+12 is possibly the
coolest goddam piece of software I've ever had the pleasure of
compliments.  The deconstruction of the MacIntosh interface is top-notch,
and the ability to stream direct to disk makes the whole thing that much
more useful.  I simply can't find words to describe how great this is..."


there isn't anything else out there that does what
b!257+!2 can. bottom line? be afraid. be very afraid

[quik responsz =3D=3D 2 4 2 :

moment ov terror =3D=3D beg!nn!ng ov l!fe]


        on 1 diff. t0p!c ;;

        b!257 + !2 =3D ultra zuperb+++


        was engagd w!th dze s0ftw4re 4or m0st ov 2day

        c0u/d not tear m!selv away!


        dze s0n!c aesthet!c =3D ultra phat

        hav 0+1 gr3at aff!nit+e 4or dze snds producd.

        grat!fy!ng 2 f!nall+e c softw4re enabl3 th!s process ..


thanks for pointing me at this, looks great, just how can you afford to
program such absolutely experimental stuff? amazing!
you really have inhaled the "Macintosh Inside" bibles very


Very wild pgm--very boss sounds, this
should be very useful for sound design work and general amusement.
Presets very cool.  Have used MAX for years myself but this usage is on
a whole new level




b!257+!2 iz masterpiece!


b!257+!2 + ultra.zmak ("47") =3D abort_
  creates the following files of
    type 'zsys'
          [generic suitcase]
            in thee b!257+!2 directory:
              001[  !
                002[  !tz or!g!n 2 gadr
                  003[  automat!k4ll+e
                    004[  wh!ch =3D jetzt 1 oDr


I have downloaded and unpacked the updated file.

This program rocks way too hard.  It's going to be very useful live.




okay, got it. i only played with it for 3 seconds and i'm giggling like
mad. yipyipyip. will make lovely noise at home tonight. thanks. orgazmz++


 |abs|  - krvava gruda-plodna zemlja
punKtproTokol[4'7c     m9ndfukc.macht.fre! <

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