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Fri Oct 23 12:21:23 EDT 1998

>Stephen Handley                         P.O. Box 1443, MS 701
>DSP Multimedia Specialist                       Houston, Texas 77001

                 .Synthesis and optimization of digital circuits, G. DeMicheli,
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                 .EE487 Lecture note, T. Meng

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                 .Behavioral Compiler Methodology Note, version 3.3a,

                 .A.Hung and T.Meng, "A comparison of fast IDCT algorithm",
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                 .E.Linzerm and E.Feig, "New scaled DCT algorithm for Fused
                    Multiply/ADD architectures", IBM Research, Yorktown Heights

latency of "reset_loop" = 61 cycles.
latency of "row_loop1" = 31 cycles.
latency of "row_loop2" = 28 cycles.

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