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Thu Sep 10 11:08:45 EDT 1998

>James McCartney wrote:
>> At 4:12 AM -0700 9/10/98, Stephan M. Sprenger wrote:
>> >I don't have the numbers for a PC, but the informal bechmarks I ran here
>> >between a 21061/40MHz SHARC and a Macintosh 7100/80 (a PPC 601 processor
>> >@ 80MHz with 256k 2nd level cache) is that they perform approximately
>> >equal (C code on both processors and a realworld application, not some
>> >narrow 'fp only' tests or the like). The C compiler from AD isn't very
>> >good at optiomizing code, so this figure is very crude and may be
>> >significantly better with asm optimization.
>> It must be noted that a Mac 7100/80 is an ancient machine by now.
>> Newer PPCs are VERY much faster.

   71oo\8o = faztr dzen 604\12o !n serta!n operat!onz

   m9ndzmak = log!kl

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