vokal zupresz \\ proson!k pandora + 0f0003 humanzsuk

=cw4t7abs antiorp at tezcat.com
Sat Sep 12 07:17:20 EDT 1998

or!g!nal sndf!le [dounloadd 4rom prozon!kz web z!te]



prosoniq.s  pandora.realt!me



0f0003.s  humanzsukc++ realt!me prel!m [azum!ng t!me != parallel]


all mattr = a!ff 4mat


 humanzsukc kommentz

\\ 0+0

> = onl+e 2 tzzt.bzzp dze `profeSS!onl` pozer humanz.
> kould kare lesz apropoz vox zupresz. altho
> mattr wh!ch l!m!tz human presensz = !nterezant.

### Aha !
Actually, having listened throu the ProTools system, I find your version
BETTER than the
Pandora one.
Pandora seems to cut some attack from the drums, which I don't like...
Please tell me how you do, if you care to....
(I promise I won't compete with you :-)  )

\\ 0+2

ok. just listened to the original so now i can make a good
comparison.humanzsuk had more high end. pandora sounded like it had been
through a low pass filter. could hear this the most in the drums. pandoras
drums sounded muffled, humanzsuk sounded much punchier. both voices were so
much the same i couldnt tell the difference at first (hence my stupid 1st
mail. sorry. not with it today). i think what they did to voice is up to
personal preference. both didnt do well on the piano, although i could hear
much more of it in the humanzsuk file. in the pandora file it almost wasnt
i d have to say that humanzsuk is the winner (which is why i m wondering how
much programing experience you have. where d you learn how to do this?). to me
this is clearly evident.
when can i start pushing it on people? =)


re : antiorp kommentz

== 1 !ntrodukt!on 2 dze log!k ov human reazon!ng

\\ 0f0003.m9ndfukc.macht.fre!.

>i2    0     42
>i1    0     1    9000  440   2     51     ; kar!erz
>i1        +      .         .       .      .        .
>i1    +      .         .       .      .        .
>i1    +
>i1    +
>i1    +
>i1    +   - f3.mazk!n3nkunzt.m9ndfukc macht fre!.
>i1    +      . d u b ! z t e s . d u b ! z t e s .
>i1    +

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