Learning Assembly Language

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Tue Feb 16 02:42:07 EST 1999

hmmm.....There is downloadable from the intel web site
some tutorials and manuals on Intel Assembly language.

Also the VTUNE product from Intel has a few interesting
tidbits.  In the Microsoft Visual C++ help there is a section
on writing in-line assembly that is fairly good.

Then, there is a book called "The Zen of Code optimization"
that goes over Pentium assembly to a minor degree.

Personally, I would not recommend learning Intel Assembly as the
first type of assembly.  I would recommend learning Motorola
Microcontroller assembly (HC11 or 6809) or Texas Instruments.
I believe Motorola used to have a student kit of HC11 that you can
get for few $$$.
National Semiconductor also has some nice very well documented
microcontollers as I recall.

Intel assembly is not that well documented....maybe others on this
list know of more resources, but I use the Pentium Data book myself.
There you have it.  

Seriously, I've written "professionally" different types of assembly
and by far, Intel is the most difficult of the major processors.

I think I might have become a pancake house owner if I had started
with Intel assembly...hey wait, I am a pancake house owner...just

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> Hi everyone, I know this is sort of off topic and I'm sorry.  If any off
> topic post of mine upsets anyone, just email me privately and I'll
> stop...
> I know C++ as it applies to DOS and I recently purchased one of those
> books that will teach me Visual C++ in 21 days and I really like it.  I
> don't know any assembly language and would love if I could find a book
> like that to teach me assembly language but so far I have been
> unsuccessful.  Does anyone know of a good book that teaches assembly
> language (For Intel Processors like 8086 and Pentium) so I will not have
> to wait two semesters for me to take an assembly language course at my
> university?  Thanks a lot.  This book does not have to be too
> complicated, something like assembly language for dummies would be
> great. Thanks a lot everyone.
> Chuck
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