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Yes you will be subject to copyright restrictions.  However, the copyright
holder may give you permission to use it snippet as, as you say, its not
overally ripping them off and it could work as free advertising.

Contact the record company of the CD and ask their permission.  Phone
initally as record companies don't read letters.  Also, if they allow you to
use the recording, make sure they send you a letter claiming copyright
ownership, giving you permission to use the snippet, and a signature.

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>The question has come up about what happens if you take a snippet from
>a commercial recording as a guinea pig for demonstrating a particular
>signal processing method and then publish in on a CD-ROM as part of
>a book (or put it on a web site for that matter). Is there any question
>about copyright in this case? Or is it some kind of "fair use" if the
>excerpt is very short?
>Has anyone had any experience with this problem?
>Jim Beauchamp
>University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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