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douglas irving repetto glmrboy
Fri Mar 5 09:48:16 EST 1999

i have a very simple audio through application that i'll post on the
music-dsp sourcecode page. it just takes an input stream, scales it by the
value of an on-screen fader and then sends it to the mixer. for many simple
apps this is just about all you need - you just have to plug your
processing code in in the middle... with the new beos media kit this has
gotten a bit more complicated, but the way i'm doing it it's all hidden
away in a couple of classes that i took from some be sample code. i haven't
touched those classes in weeks now! give me a couple of days to clean up
the code.

i'm all for sharing this sort of stuff. in case people on the list don't
know it, the music-dsp website has a page with links to a bunch of source
code for a number of different platforms. the url is at the bottom of this


>I've started to code an audio app using BeOS R4 and wish to know if there is
>some place where audio developers can share some code...
>I've started coding a Filter, deriving from BProducer and BConsumer, and I
>suppose many of you did this too (including doulgas for his port of Squiggy)
>The problem is that many people are probably going to code the same stuff,
>without sharing code... And R4 media coding is full of potential tips and
>tricks (and caveats) to optimize speed (thread scheduling, buffer size, ...)
>Are you interested in sharing code ? (I have a nearly working filter class)
>dupswapdrop: the music-dsp mailing list and website

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dupswapdrop: the music-dsp mailing list and website

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