Correct reference URL for Csound

Sean Costello costello at
Sat Mar 6 14:37:47 EST 1999

Sarah Thompson wrote:
> Hi all,
> What URL should I quote [for Csound]?

> I'd also like to include a few URLs for other alternative granular synthesis
> implementations, so if anyone here has any particular favourites I'd be very
> interested to hear from you.

The first program I ever worked with was GranuLab, a shareware program
for Windows 95/98.  It can be downloaded from

A really cool looking program is Stampede II, for the SGI.  It has lots
of different modes of operation, including pitch-synchronous granular
synthesis. It can be downloaded from

No Windows, Linux, or Mac versions, but there is a note on the page to
the effect that the functionality of Stampede II will soon be available
in Native Instruments Generator program, which would be cool.

Sean Costello (who would like to have a PSOLA opcode for Csound)

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