Audio input with DirectSound?

Daniel Schmitt dani at
Sun Mar 28 15:53:53 EST 1999

>Yes. There is DirectSoundCapture for what you are asking for. It seems atm
>it only emulates capturing i.e. it uses standard MM API, but it's still
>better than using MM API directly. You have (more or less) direct access to
>the sound buffers. This means you can read the data when it has been just
>recorded (using the right cursor info).
>If you want low latency under Win95 you won't have luck. I tried >1 year to
>make a near-realtime DSP program for Win95, tried hundreds of techniques,
>but I could not get under 30 ms latency (unstable).

I have the same problems and 30 ms sounds great to me. Perhaps you can post
some of your favorite techniques, especially for the MM API;
Is there a way to get the minimum capture buffer size of a waveIn device?


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