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> 1- In a dense reverberator (one with only the six comb and allpass filters).
>    Are the localization cues built into the comb filters? If so how do you
>    calculate them? I guess my question is that, from the comb filter
>    the reflections seem to be going back and forth from the source to a wall
>    in a straight line. How do the combs give the notion are reflecting off

If you want to hear an example of this reverb, you could try
It is an implementation of the simple 4 (or x)-speaker model from
ComputerMusic/Dodge. It also has this 6comb1allpass-reverb (each output an
allpass with slightly different parameters). The localisation here consists
of the different amplitude settings (overall per box, reverb per box, and
global reverb per box) which are correlated like Dodge proposes in his
book. No early reflections (yet?), so it has no 'imaginary localisation',
you just need at least a box for each corner (more or less). It runs
realtime, and you can control the coordinates with a joystick (that's the
fun of it). 

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