Bill Gray grusic at crosswinds.net
Sat Nov 6 01:02:15 EST 1999

> integer at www.god-emil.dk wrote:
> >
> > >kim at anechoicmedia.com
> >
> > ultra zerf rout!n
> >
> > rekru!t!ng l!f 4rmz 2 per4rm
> > ur zerf rout!n SS eczplo!teur
> I guess I must ask: What IS your point? If I am misinterpreting what you
> are trying to do, please clarify.
> Sean Costello

Personally I feel the guy's a nutcase who somehow seems to think his
semi-encrypted messages are *clever* or *antiauthority* in nature.

He's probably still in his teens or at least his personality is, as most
adults of outgrow that sort of thinking with maturity.

I applied a kill filter to his email address *long* ago.


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