[music-dsp] What's unpredictability?

alexander lerch lerch at zplane.de
Thu Dec 14 07:05:00 EST 2000

Dear Claudio,

the unpredictability (also: measure of chaos) is a value to
detect (or to estimate) the tonality (tbb) of a frequency
It's the error of a simple linear prediction:
if the prediction of a spectral value is bad (e.g. for noise),
the unpredictability is high and the tonality is small and
vice versa.

The masking index (here: SNR) is calculated with the resulting

Hope this helps,

> Claudio Macoto Hazome Hayashi wrote:
>  Hi, I'm working with MP3, and I'm developing the
> psico-acoustic model, and at the ISO document there are a
> block called unpredictability measure. Coul d anyone explain
> me the function of this block?
> Thank you!!
>   Claudio M. H. Hayashi

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