[ot] Oh...my...god

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd at zip.com.au
Mon Jan 10 04:29:51 EST 2000

maarten de boer wrote:
> On Sun, 09 Jan 2000, Bram.DeJong at rug.ac.be wrote:
> > Is there an 'undelete' function in UNIX?????
> You might want to read the
> Ext2fs-Undeletion mini-HOWTO

Unfortunately not all unixen use Ext2 for a file system.
In fact I think its probably only Linux and maybe some
of the *BSDs. 

     Erik de Castro Lopo     erikd at zip.com.au
BSD:  A psychoactive drug, popular in the 80s, probably developed at UC
Berkeley or thereabouts.  Similar in many ways to the prescription-only
medication called "System V", but infinitely more useful. (Or, at least,
more fun.)  The full chemical name is "Berkeley Standard Distribution".

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