[music-dsp] got Csound.... Catalog with Audio?

Dr. Richard Boulanger radiobaton at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 30 23:45:47 EST 2000

The Csound Catalog with Audio
http://www.csounds.com/catalog/ is an HTML-based CD-ROM
with over 2000 working Csound instruments linked to MP3 or
QDesign compressed audio for immediate and convenient
auditioning; plus over 100 meg of AIFF impulses and
samples. When you find the files you like, and if your
browser is configured properly,
http://www.csounds.com/catalog/tips/, with a single click
you can render the .orc and .sco files at full fidelity.
All of them work!

Edited by Dr. Richard Boulanger, Professor of Music
Synthesis at Boston's Berklee College of Music, and
contributed to by the world's leading sound designers and
educators, this PC/Mac/Linux CD-ROM contains HTML versions
of the most recent reference manuals,dynamically linked
tutorials, and recent versions of the Csound program for
PC, Mac and Linux. The Csound Catalog with Audio is the
perfect complement to The Csound Book
http://mitpress.mit.edu/book-home.tcl?isbn=0262522616 and
contains everything you need to get started (again) with
Csound and get lost there too... It is available today.

Dr. Richard Boulanger

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