[music-dsp] Windows Multimedia or DirectSound?

Darren Reid shokwave at nbnet.nb.ca
Fri Feb 9 08:27:51 EST 2001

David Olofson" <david at gardena.net> sez:

> (*) Well, some Linux distros are easier to install than Win98, but
>     you still can't avoid the occasional shell command unless you
>     have a UN*X administrator to do the system administration for
>     you.

If there's a Linux distro even *as easy* to install as Win98, I wanna know:

1) Is it any good for audio and audio app development?

2) If so, what is it?

3) Is it good for running as a web server as well?

4) Is there something wrong with it?

I have a web server, running console-mode RedHat 5.2. I've been thinking
about installing X-gobbledegook to play with audio stuff (and do my own
cross-compiling of my wxWindows apps), but I dread the thought of relearning
enough Unix sysadmin bullshit to get it all working. If I can setup a full
Linux distro as easily as Win98, I'd be more tempted...and I like to be
tempted :)

Just to clarify: installing Win98, on the dozen or so machines I've done it
on, consists of sticking in a cd and hitting "next" several times, rebooting
(it does that for you), and hitting next a time or two more. The *most* I
ever have to interact with setting the machine up is that after all that, I
like to go get the latest reference drivers for whatever strange video card
and/or audio card is in the machine, and very painlessly (point and click a
couple of buttons) install those. I don't have to know anything intimate
about the number of cylinders on my HD's, etc etc.


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