[music-dsp] correction Re: Tube nonlinearities

Darren Reid shokwave at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Feb 12 12:12:35 EST 2001

"Martin Saleteg" <martin at ninja.se> sez:

> Another thing I find important to mention when it comes to distorted
> is that the clipping level is never static in a tube amp. It rather
> In many amps and simulators the clipping level is completely static (using
> diode rectifier bridge). In a good tube amp the clipping level gets lower
> the more signal you put into it.

This is what I hope to emulate with interpolated Hermite spline
coefficients: as the signal levels increase, the transfer curves change.

I finished up my "Interpolated Hermite Waveshaper Coefficient Designer" app
this weekend. I currently have a Windows version compiled; if I get any help
to compile it for Mac and Linux (it hopefully will cross-compile, GUI and
all, with no hitch) I'll offer up those flavours as well. I'll also offer
the sourcecode to the app to anyone interested. Be warned, it was a learning
experience in wxWindows, so it's uglier code than usual...and that's going a
ways ;)

I need to write a short readme.txt user manual (should get that done
tonight)...then where should I put it? Is the archive a good place for
something this large and esoteric (Windows exe alone is 500K statically
linked), or should I post on my own webspace (which I'll hafta whip up...no


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