[music-dsp] Patent: Efficient convolution without input/output delay

Sampo Syreeni decoy at iki.fi
Mon Feb 26 03:31:28 EST 2001

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, robert bristow-johnson wrote:

>i'd say "just do it".  the most they can make you do is "cease and desist"
>after they find out you have posted it on the web.  then you take it down
>but the code has already been copied several times anyway.

Emm, legally they can sue you for damages. If your free product eats their
market share, they most likely have a valid claim. Thankfully such
witchhunts are rarely profitable...

Sampo Syreeni <decoy at iki.fi>, aka decoy, student/math/Helsinki university

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