[music-dsp] Introduction, MP4, and that Yamaha chip...

Olli Niemitalo oniemita at mail.student.oulu.fi
Mon Jan 8 17:52:03 EST 2001

On Mon, 25 Dec 2000, Kurai Fox wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone might know anything about the OPL-3 and its FM 
> synthesis.

I worked on OPL-2 synthesis emulation a couple of years ago. Here's the
source code so far. Not all features are included, but it's quite
accurate yet simplistic, only feedback seems problematic and i'm not 100% 
sure of the waveform amplitudes.


Miscellaneous documents of the YM3812 and YMF262 chips:


The output of YM3812 can be recorded digitally. I designed a board 
for that purpose. The tricky thing from the emulation point of view is
that the board uses floating point math at some parts internally, so it
might be hard to get an accurate copy of the original waveforms. I'd guess
the additional (to OPL-2) non-sinusoidal waveform of OPL-3 is from the
internal exponential table required for logarithmic volume calculations.


I'd suggest you start with OPL-2. It's far more popular than OPL-3. Just
check the "Adlib MegaMix No.1" i made... :) It's all recorded from a
YM3812 chip.



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