[music-dsp] What is so special about 44100 Hz ?

sandeep sandeep at uisdl.com
Tue Jun 19 03:14:48 EDT 2001

Why is sampling frequency confirming to Nyquist condition chosen as 44.1K Hz
when any frequency >= 40 K Hz  ( Twice of radio frequency range 20KHz) would
suffice the condition ?

What is so special about 44.1K Hz ?
Does the range of audio frequency specified as 0 to 20 KHz approximately
,extend to 22 Khz ,making it mandatory that sampling frequemcy should be
taken as 44100 Hz?

What will happen if one chooses sampling frequency as 40 Khz instead of

Why always CD quality is measured and mentioned  at 44100 Hz in most of
practical applications(Atleast in MP3)?

Thanx in advance

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