[music-dsp] [OT] Patent: Efficient convolution withoutinput/outputdelay

Mike Berry mikeb at nmol.com
Thu Mar 15 11:18:22 EST 2001

Sampo Syreeni wrote:
> It does, if no financial harm is incurred. Lake does not lose a single cent
> when someone implements their algorithm for free. What they lose is
> imaginary market share. Nothing which can be duplicated for free should
> carry a price tag, as their is no relative scarcity to necessitate the
> allocation dynamics imposed by financial value.

	Let's set aside the issue of price for a second, and consider control. 
If someone can copy my music for free, can they use it in a political ad
promoting genocide?
	Intellectual property has developed to formalize and legalize respect
between parties, modeled after the respect of physical property.  An
owner of IP is by all means allowed to license any use they wish for
free.  But it is their decision, just as I can let you use my car, but
you shouldn't steal it.
	If you wish to abolish this legal system of respect, that is your
choice.  However, in order to convince me that you are reasonable, you
need to offer some replacement mechanism by which I will get the respect
that I desire.  Certainly I will agree to respect others, but what is my
recourse if others do not respect me?  Harsh words? Weaponry?
	The standard for patents includes "non-obvious."  If you can show that
something was obvious at the time of invention, then the claim is
invalid.  I anticipate your response that the patent holder may
strong-arm someone using a likely-to-be-invalidated claim, simply
assuming that the legal costs will scare the someone away from defense. 
However, there is a lot of risk for the patent holder in this scenario. 
One does not press infringement suits lightly, since a possible result
is the irrovocable loss of your IP, plus possible damages.
	So, please, rail against the IP system.  But offer something to insure
its protections to me as a creator, so that I don't run away to build
physical objects instead, the only things that you deem valuable.
Mike Berry

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