[music-dsp] Best eval board package for audio? quite [OT]

Arthur W. Green goshawk at gmx.net
Wed Nov 21 14:54:39 EST 2001

> I hope you feel inclined to answer this one.
> It regards how programmable the midi IO portion of the chamelion is.
> All I need to know is can the unit be programmed to 'alter' midi in,
> and pass that to the midi out, either in real time (well, minimal
> delay),, or programmed to send streams of sequenced midi out created
> by calc's in code ?? (hope that made sense ;) 
> I'm more interested in the midi side of it..

I know this question wasn't directed towards me, but I use HMSL on a few older
Macintosh systems with 'dumb' serial MIDI interfaces to do what you describe.
These systems act as a "go-between" for my master keyboards and my rack and
computer-based synthesizers.

If you find yourself working strictly with MIDI, you may find this a more
flexible option in many ways. It isn't really all that expensive, either .

Best regards,
-- Art

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