[music-dsp] f'(x)

Nigel Redmon earlevel at earlevel.com
Mon Nov 26 03:19:29 EST 2001

> While the answers given so far are correct, they are once again gobbledygook.

Ah yes, gobbledygook, "once again." How does music-dsp manage to get by. Well,
your astute assessment has made me oh so eager to go out and buy your book for
other keen insights ;-)

My reply was to Jon's statement, so I assume you aren't counting me, but I don't
think labeling Jon's and Eric's replies as "gobbledygook" is a nice way for them
to be thanked for taking time to help someone. I'm sure it wasn't your
intention, but if you have a better way to explain something, please just do it
and not deride others' efforts. "Nice and Easy."

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