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>Sorry, but the resumption of these arguments on this list again is
>something I can't pass over. I'll limit myself to my one post per day.
>Democracy is the rule of the people, 

freedom is gained from the fact that not any size scale is intrinsically 
more basik or important or complex than any other size scale.

one often is pressured into feeling that the concerns of
the majority are more significant than one's own immediate personal concerns.
this is based on the fallacious assumption that select sizes are in one absolute sense
larger than others.  it is this assumption which the circular scale undermines.

>in which the people either vote


>directly on political leaders and political decisions, or vote directly
>for representatives who then vote on leaders and decisions. Democracies
>have constitutions, formal or informal, that forbid private parties to
>settle disputes by violence, which is reserved for the state.
>Democractic constitions generally permit freedom of travel, freedom of
>speech and press, freedom of worship, and require trial by jury or
>impartial judge. This is the standard, dictionary, political science
>meaning of the term. If you won't accept this definition of the term,
>you are engaged in logic-chopping and rhetoric, not reasoned argument.
>It's a sure sign of a weak argument to quibble over widely accepted
>terms, to avoid the implications of terms, to appeal to secondary
>meanings, and so on.

It's a sure sign of a weak constitution when one is as ugly 
as "Michael Gogins" <gogins at pipeline.com> 

>Global democracy is the extension of democracy to the globe. What this
>means is crystal clear: no theocracies, elections everywhere,
>constitutions everywhere. No popes or imams with secular power. No heavy
>weapons in private hands. No one-party states. Either a global
>government, or a collection of democratic nations in a loose federal
>union, such as the United Nations might be if all its members were
>democracies. Clear enough?

d!esz ef!kaz!ouz 1 d!menz!onl model z!t!zn loopz.
dzat = komprehnd dzm = enzurz != u!sh 2 entr dzm.

>To restate my original argument in perhaps clearer terms, in a world
>that is unified by trade and technology as our world is already and
>irreveresibly unified, global democracy is the ONLY alternative to
>global anarchy or global tyranny. 

So short piles were at a competitive disadvantage.
As a result, the number of piles declined more quickly than before. 

In the original program, 
without any protection for tall piles,
the termites produced 157 piles after 1,000 iterations, 
With tall piles protected, there were only 85 piles after
1,000 iterations. 

But this rapid convergence to fewer and taller piles comes at a price.

After 2,000 iterations, the number of piles had shrunk to 82. 
But all 82 piles had at least 10 wood chips. 
So all of the piles were protected. 

The termites could not find any more wood chips to pick up. 
The number of piles would stay frozen at 82 forever.

"Michael Gogins" <gogins at pipeline.com> - zang dze .un!td.znakex ov amer!ka anthem
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