[music-dsp] additive synthesis

Philipp Wassibauer pwassi at gwu.edu
Sun Oct 7 16:33:20 EDT 2001

>If you're going to synthesize harmonic sounds where the partials don't
>change frequency over time, it's faster to compute the sinusoidal
>partials directly using the Goetzel recurrence instead of using lookup
>tables. But 128 partials would be more than you need for harmonic
>sounds; 15 or 20 should do the job.
>If you're going to synthesize noisy sounds, or resynthesize sounds based
>on a time/frequency analysis, which is what it sounds like you want to
>do, you will need quite a fast PC, though it should be possible.

What are the differences between harmonics and resynthesized sound based on
frequency analysis? Would harmonic sounds sound good of just like an organ?
I was looking at the Kawai K5000, is that only harmonics or resynthesized
sound too?

>Code for doing this is standard, but it is VERY easy to get the details
>fatally wrong. This kind of code is NOT intuitive. You should carefully
>read a good text on the subject such as the relevant section of _The
>Computer Music Tutorial_ by Roads, or better yet, if you have the
>mathematical background, an engineering text on DSP. Unless you are a
>real expert, you would be wiser to adapt the existing pvanal/pvoc phase
>vocoder analysis/resynthesis or the hetro/adsyn heterodyne filter
>analysis/additive resynthesis code from Csound. Similar code can be
>found in a number of open source applications such as pvnation or Loris.

I read 2 books about DSP. So I know a good amount (i hope enough). I think I
know how to implement an FFT (but I have not tried yet). What are the hard
parts to implement?

I think I really want to program it myself (its for school and I have this
whole year to work on it), do you think that is enough time for a project like

How is CSound? Can I use it in real time and from a VST plugin?

I am sorry for all the questions, but I have a project proposal tomorrow and I
really want to get my facts straight.



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