[music-dsp] a few question

Philipp Wassibauer pwassi at gwu.edu
Mon Oct 15 16:24:14 EDT 2001

>On 3DNow! you only get 2 at once. SSE gives you 4 at once. But, yes, it's a
>way of doing "the same thing" to more than one piece of data in parallel.

I thought 3dNow was for AMD Processors and i never heard about SSE. Do they 
work on all processors?

>If this is for music, you should base the first oscillator on the
>fundamental (middle A == 440 Hz, or possibly 442 Hz for modern orchestra
>tuning). Each harmonic overtone is an integral multiple of the fundamental
>(that's the definition of "harmonic").

You mean when you play the middle A, but when you play a note at 100Hz then 
you would put the fundamental down to 100Hz? Why do you use the middle A for 
music and orchestra?

Lets say I have a sound that has an amplitude of 20 on the fundamental 
(400Hz), 10 on the first harmonic (800Hz) and 30 on the second harmonic 
(1200Hz). If I play this sound at a different pitch (800Hz) would the harmonic 
relationships be still the same, ie. 20 on the fundamental (800Hz), 10 on the 
first harmonic (1600Hz) and 30 on the second (2400Hz)?

Thanks so much for your help...finally I ma getting all the facts straight. I 
was reading about this for a while, but had nobody to ask questions to.

Philipp Wassibauer

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