[music-dsp] oscillators

Vladimir Ivanov vladitx at dce.bg
Thu Oct 18 06:02:43 EDT 2001

From: Bob Cain <arcane at znet.com>

> I've never done an audio oscilator but did do two axis circular path
> generators for digital machine tool controllers long ago that had to be
> extremely accurate and run at any linear speed.  That's just two
> variable amplitude, variable frequency quadrature sinusoidal
> oscilators.  FWIW, if anybody wants to pursue such an arcane path, the
> simple but accurate algorithm was known in that field as "circular
> interpolation."  It was too long ago for me to remember the algorithm
> unfortunately but I know it didn't use tables.
> Bob
> -- 

hi Bob,

yes, the right name is "circular interpolation" ;-)
and yes, it doesn't use tables - just integer arithmetic (with higher precision)

  -- vladitx

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