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Garry Kling kling007 at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 20 20:41:53 EDT 2001

on 18/10/2001 11:29 PM, integer at www.god-emil.dk at integer at www.god-emil.dk

>> Garry,
> yes garry. d!d u knou dzat obez!t! = dze mozt prevlnt human d!zeaze +?
> alorz = !f 70 proznt ov amer!kanz = fat uh! doeznt dze us.gov
> bomb dze amer!kan food !nduztr!e aaaaaaaaaaaaaa +?
> kome on. tell.
> aj vant 2 kno

I'd like to know too. There are more poisons in our food than in our rivers.
But the answer is simple and clear: the industrial corporate complex
controls our government. Voters only choose the means whereby.

I never meant to deny with the fact that Americans are fat and dumb. It's
true. It just has no direct relation to dropping food on Afghanistan. 70
percent is an over estimate - probably made by a pharmaceutical company
selling a diet drug. Here in California, it is much less. People are very
vain (you might say unhealthily healthy) about that here.


PS I liked the little video you pointed to. A nice exhibition of religious

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