[music-dsp] Formant shifting

Julian Rohrhuber sa6a014 at rrz.uni-hamburg.de
Mon Oct 29 10:55:36 EST 2001

>a while back, while i was reading up on wavelets and compression
>technology, i stumbled upon a paper that talked about using wavelets
>to emulate another voice using a sample, or something.. [i think they
>tried to make someones voice sound like captain kirk from startrek]
>i have lost the url, but the above should provide enough information
>to find the exact article with google, which was the searchengine
>i used to find the article, so it should be there somewhere, or
>perhaps on a bookmarks-page found with google... happy +searching~ :)

you could also have a look on the xavier serra homepage

the presentation the icmc2000  was very funny and convincing.

there is a pdf on that site:

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