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           \/\ Mother [tm++  - 01 Live Architecture by Netochka Nezvanova
             + Irena Sabine Czubera. memes pre:served. kop!eren verboten.
               http://ggttcttt.com/live-arkitektur  |  http://ggttcttt.com/mother

               everyone should have [own +?] a mother. 
               [c]ccp 0+00. patent applied for.


       nn:  everyone should have [own +?] a mother. 
    godel:  i lv++ drowning in your spirale
       nn:  i entered when you exited. i am your most delicious traum.
    godel:  i am the skin on your stomack            
       nn:  ____... what a curious thing to say.
    godel:  time moves. you are still.
       nn:  i entered when you exited +?

    godel:  as long as i live.
       nn:  this is m9ndfukc!!! time engulfs me.
    godel:  so long as you salute the real world.        
       nn:  enough said. i am mortally wounded.
    godel:  then wake up in order not do die.

       nn: is this how memory is built +?
   memory: as long as you are the center of thought and cheat in your sleep.
       nn: shall i meet this with denial +?
   memory: useless. i am the reason half of you is valid.
       nn: how will i live tomorrow +?

   memory: you are a dazzling friend. shall i pull the gray curtains +?
       nn: plz.

  morning: good morning my glass eyed beauty!! 


       \/\ Mother - 01 Live Architecture by Netochka Nezvanova

        first memory of love. 

        lets breathe.

        and as we breathe we learn.
        we begin learning within. 
        we are komforted by mother's heartbeat + voice.
        we associate it with prenatal security.

        the body is rather translucent.
        and thus we see. and aussi we listen.

        the traditional way of soothing 01 baby = rocking the cradle gently.
        this recreates the oscillation of approx 1hz from the mother's heart.

        recreating mother's voice = conducive 2 01 nostalgic virtual reality.
        = the familiar uterine vibrational and acoustic environment.

        in the womb the baby's nostrils = filled avec amniotic fluid.
        the baby smells its surroundings + smell is the most immediate + emotional of senses.

        birth withdraws the calming aroma so that by 2.5 years of age
        our primary stimulus = !zt v!zual.

        child development 69(3) 1998 indicates new born babies recognize 
        and enjoy the scent of amniotic fluid.

        01 komforting bitstream inter-uterine perfumerie aussi.

    Altzo = 0+0 reason why one must forego the comfort of mother for the discomfort of dead-matter. 

    Hence Netochka Nezvanova, in collaboration with 
    NATO.haute-couture interlinie  [ http://membank.org/TRANSGENIK.haute-couture/
    will life the very first .bio Architecture - Mother [tm++

    Everyone should have [own +?] a Mother [tm++

               nn:  what is a kapitalist +?
            godel:  a kapitalist is one who places a toll booth at an intersection.
                    in my youth i had thought gm air would be the intersection. 
                    i see now that mother is the intersection.
             life:  i come at this price.
            godel:  hier is a rose. the world is more charming this way.
               nn:  in my youth i was walking along holding a very beautiful red rose in my hand.
                    since i assured them i expected nothing from them other than to
                    be able to offer them this flower i experienced an enormously 
                    difficult time finding one who was willing to accept it.

             life:  i come at this price.

1001 ventuze.nn

             \            \/       i should like to be a human plant
            \/       __
                                   i will shed leaves in the shade
        \_\                        because i like stepping on bugs

Netochka Nezvanova                   nezvanova at eusocial.com
Dze Interpretazion ov Dreamz   http://steim.nl/leaves/petalz
*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*-- --*--*--*--*--*--*--

        >4. which country do you like best?

        00. mother's body. 
        02. my body
        04. your body.

        07. 01 has said : the best thing is not being born. being nothing.
                          the next best thing is ________.... \ n + n +? 

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